Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 10)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 10)

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: “Be happy when God answers your prayer but be more thankful when God makes you the answer to someone else’s prayer”. 

                                                                                                            October 24, 2006 


                        Another empty page will be filled today… I’m so happy I had this chance of writing my journal. It really feels so great that you can express your feelings and thoughts in this wonderful page. A friendly page. I would really cherish the moments reading this thing back again soon.            I will surely miss the moments of daily experiences I am having in every pages of this journal; the good times, the bad times and  the people behind it.            This morning I have this plan to visit

University’s Annex Campus. When I arrived at the city proper Iwas stunned when I saw that some of the establishments are close…Then I suddenly remembered the rumors and chatting of the passengers at the jeepney I’m riding going to the city. The President declared October 24, 2006 to be a non-working holiday because of the Ramadan. This is in respect to our Muslim brothers in
Mindanao who at present is having their sacred fasting celebration.
            I went sitting at one of the benches at our plaza then I remembered the Job Ads I have inside my bag. I started walking, pull out the glue and the ads from my bag. I then realized that I am already posting the ads around the city. I also remembered doing this because during my interview with my applicants I was trying to ask them if how did they knew we had a job offering and majority of them answered that they saw and read our company’s job ads. That’s great! Meaning my effort to post those is not useless. It was already 2 o’clock when I felt that my stomach is already murmuring…I’m hungry.. so I stopped posting for a while take a little rest and took my lunch…. I never thought I already had eaten a lot and my stomach is already balooning…hehehe. I’m really very, very hungry and thirsty another thing is that, the sun is so hot…Whew! When I finsihed eating I feel so heavy but full…It’s funny…then I continued posting again. After my posting session I went to the net café opened my mails, checked it and I chatted with the President.            We talked about what happened to me and what have I done and accomplished that day. I shared to him everything and we were laughing once again…I fell really great when I am having a conversation with him. He was like a real dad. We talked about the floating office, the floating staffs, the office on the moon, the chocolate and the ice cream,.the applicants,the clothes and their color, the hat, the worned shoes and a lot more…It was like forgetting all of our neurosis. It’s really fun!            He send me money too! I’ll just take it tommorow…            My day started twisted but ended up good and happy…. 



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