Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 11)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 11)

                                                                                                            October 26, 2006 



            Yesterday was one busy day that’s why I haven’t written my journal and even sublit my reports.             The manager called me over my phone, I was riding a tricylcle that time going to the net café. Right after arriving at the café I opened my messenger account to chat with her. She had given me a lot of instructions that day, that incldes the follow-up of the applicants, Romeo’s  status, his project test, Arabella, Christian            S Paul, the schedule of their inerview with her and right after with the President and their posting on the site will follow. To be honest I was really taken aback for I wasn’t expecting that the assignement given to me that day were all rush and urgent. So I contacted the three applicants. Romeo and Arabelle meet me at the Net café.. We were all running out of time. Romeo worked with his project test reght away. while Arabella was a bit shocked too. I told her to just finish the project test that day so that she can go with Romeo to the office the next day for her interview with the manager. Good thing she agreed with me to finish the project test in just one day. Romeo an her worked so seriously with their prohects. I was trying to monitor bt texting them… Arabella made it she tol me tha she slept at her friends house just to finish and do her project at their computer. Romeo was able to pass his test too!            I was also able to chat with the President that day and told him everything about the updates of my work.            I texted Ma’am Jo about the update that Arabella may come to the office with Romeo the nect day…            I was not able to sleep again because of my insomnia. So I was trying to text Romeo and Arabella with their trip to
Iloilo this day. Arabella submitted to me her project test in a diskette and she and Romeo had their trip going to
Iloilo city. I went to the net café to forward her project test to Ma’am Jo and also her resume…
            Right now I am working with my reports. I really, really feel so tired but then I am satisfied because I have seen and felt the effort and sacrifices that my applicants are doing for their application and project tes. I hope that they will do good with the interview and their work at the office if they will be already hired.            I will be having another good trip today….            I do really hope that I can make it and that I will always have more streghth and patience to continue what I’ve already started.            Working under pressure is one thing I hate doing sometimes but on the other side I’m enjoying when I realized that the result is really, really good and satisfactory. the fruits of my labor and hardships has no been wasted.            Help me God and give me more strength….            This is for everybody.. 



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