Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 12)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 12)

October 28, 2006



Yesterday was a rainy day…

The city experienced a power shortage from the morning and it lasted till sunset…

I found my self roaming around the city that day I went to CPC for follow-up of our planned activity and also to see the adviser of the Student Publication but since it was semestral break I find it hard to look for her. I waited at the publication office but unluckily I wasn’t able to see her. I just chatted with the members and editorial board of the school paper and told them about my purpose of going there. I encourage them to recommend friends. Our talk ended happily at last I was able to spread the news again.

Upon leaving the place I went to the big mall and have my phone loaded. after that I contacted the list of contact numbers I collected. I also talked with people and friends there regarding my work and the company and the job offering of course.

            I know that everybody is busy, and I do really hope that I can contribute more applicants. But to be honest it’s really hard to look for them especially those who are qualified and deserving one. Yesterday was one tiring day too. I am suppose to contact
Mr. Laserna for his project test but since it was brownout I was not able to reach him out.

I know these are just challenges for me and my job…

            Today I’m finding my way out of the maze again as I am going to wander and search for my applicants. This is really very , very challenging and I’m hoping I can make it.

            Since I need to keep myself  busy I just want to stop writing right now. So that I can have more time for my field work…

            Hope that God will always  be there to guide me….






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