Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 13)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 13)

October 30, 2006             Welcome!!! yes I’m welcoming another new great day! Though the weather is not so good  but I know I can manage this…*Singing* I am beautiful and cute, no matter what they say, words can’t bring me down…I am  beautiful in every single way,  words can’t bring me down…hehehehe. Nothing just trying to practice my voice who knows maybe I’ll become a great and good singer. Joke! Just trying to keep my strength here…No matter what happens I’m still and I will always remain beautiful in the eyes of everyone and in the eyes of God of course, remember I am one of His masterpiece and  there were no ugly masterpieces  in his collections. I’m so glad and happy for having this day…I am thankful I’m still alive and kicking after last week’s very tiring day.             Our City celebrated   “Aswang Festival” last Saturday and Sunday. Though I was so busy I still manage to be  present on the celebration not to go dancing and grooving but once again to continue my recruitment job. It really feels so great that you’re feeling tired of  doing something very, very  useful. I’m not wasting my time just sitting around in one corner but there I was talking and talking. I really enjoyed that night me and my friends had a ride in an “Octupos” in the carnival where we went. I felt so happy and fulfilled I was able to meet my old and new  friends there. I got so dizzy after our ride it was like we were being thrown up and down…My friends  were also happy to hear the news about my job. Some of them are my old school mates  wayback high school and some are in college. I also manage to make friends with their new friends too. Good thing they promised to help me with my recuitment. I hope they would really do. I went home 4:00 am. My friends missed me so much that they  bought me foods and we ate a lot…And most importantly I was able to spread to them the news about the  company’s job hiring…hehehe.            Today I’m having another busy and hectic sched…I called Arabella  for the schedule of her chat with the company’s President. We scheduled it at 1:30 pm. Also I  was trying to call Romeo over his phone regarding the updates of his trip to
Iloilo today, good thing he reached the office and finally was able to get started. He was telling me over the phone that he was afraid to go to the office because he was late…I just told him to proceed there and explian the situation why he was late…It was really funny sometimes…Then  I and Arabella went to the net café to chat with sir Dan both of them enjoyed their conversation. Sir told me she likes Arabella for she is nice…There conversation  ended fine. But before their chat I also chatted  with the manager and we talked about the president’s plan of having a job post on the different websites on the net.
Then after Arabella’s talk with sir Dan we continued our chat. I told him I was able to make a sample job post on the site he had given me. I sent it to him.            Also that morning I receive this ever longest email so far from  my cyber dad. I really enjoyed reading its content.  I was able to learn new things from him that day. He mentioned  about me going to Aklan, but I think it’s quite far away fromRoxas
City. It’s like travelling from Roxas to
Iloilo too! Hmmmm…but I’ll try to contact my cousin there about the university.

            As usual I worked with my reports during my free and vacant time and that is after my field work. I really enjoy doing this thing…writing. I am suppose to go to Filamer to meet their school paper  Adviser but time passes by so qui ckly. Promise I’ll be there tommorow. I was able  to post an ad at friendster today…I hope to gain more responses. I’m also trying my dads advice to send e-mail at friendster.  Also I’m getting excited with this coming month. I already have an activity waiting at my list. The CPC activity. I really hope it will become a success….            Hehehe…my fingers are getting tired of typing here but it’s a good exercise…            Daddy hope you’re always ok…Good Luck to both of us!            God bless you always!!!!            See you soon            Yabadabadoooo…Yohooooo Glenda 


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