Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 14)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 14)

October 31, 2006 

            ♫Yabadabadoooo…yabadabadoooo..yabadabadooo   Sing no sad songs for yabadabadoo is always a happy song. No matter what I’ll always remain yabadabadoo…            The
constance of time and change will always remain that way. But we should never be constant for we are all subject to change. And this is one magic that everyone needs to be aware of…Yes like fairytales our lives are always full of magic. We are the one’s who create our own fairytales, our own story, only that we are not aware of the magic that we craft with our bare hands.
            Yes our daily life is full of magic every split of seconds is magic. The way we comb our once black hair then suddenly it turned into gray, the way we brush our teeths and then we just noticed that one by one they fall until they’re all gone. That’s already magic. Haven’t you noticed that it was just in a split seconds and you were already talking to someone whom you didn’t even know and you can’t even see just through the letters that appears in the screen of your computer monitor. Isn’t that scary? Well, it makes you happy isn’t it? that’s already magic. And God is the only one who knows the spell… When I first mee my cyberdad, when I’m laughing with him, anyone can tell me I’m sane because I’m laughing with myself and I’m talking to a computer but because of my magic words I can turn them blind and mute. And just noticed they were doing the same thing that I did. Life is really a mystery, a fairytail come true.            Ok. enough…hope it makes sense.             About the updates of my work today…Hehehehe. I did went to

College this morning to see the adviser of their student publication but sad to say I was not able to meet him because he didn’t arrive. I can’t go back there this afternoon because the President declared a half day holiday. Well, I just went with my posting job once again. Then I went to the net café and continued with my report and browsed my friendster account and reviewed the job post I posted on their site. I checked my mails if there are any other applicants and then qorked with my reports again. Doing this journal is the thing that I really enjoy the most, it refreshes my day and my mind. Pulling out every bad and good energy that is in it is really good.              I need to go out of the net  café again after this to continue the posting session and do other miscellaneous that I may meet along my journey…            This day will really end a good one….            I know yesterday I’ve been so concieted with my write-ups on my journal. But it’s ok to look at your self sometimes and have some self check-up…hehehe.I really hope that my dad is always ok….I know he is one energetic and powerful person whom I really  admire to be his character and most of all his being humble and kind….            God Bless You Always dad!!!!            See you soon…. 




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