Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 15)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 15)

always willing to give it a try. 

            This inspirational thought added my strength  today. Actually, this is from a friend. He gave me a card and I was on tears while reading this. I was so surprised to know that there are people who appreciate what I’m doing. I’m very thankful to this friend of mine who is so kind to me through the years of our friendship. He’s always there and is always willing to help me with my every endeavor. I can say he was really a God-given gift. This I know will always continue as the years passes by.             The sole reason why I’m writing this thing is that I would want to share this to a person who is so  special and dear to me too! This I share to you dad! If this meassage touched me I know it will also do the same to you. Yes, I am indeed lucky for having someone like you in my life. You opened up a new career for me.             Yesterday was really an off day. It’s a holiday, All Soul’s Day. A lot of people are busy going to the cemetry to visit their love one’s who were long lost but still remained loved by them. With this a lot of establishnments are close. Including net café’s, grocery stores and even offices. I was thinking of what will I do when I suddenly remembered that it’s a good timing for my posting session. and so I did. While everybody is busy with their agenda I’m busy with mine too! but this doesn’t mean that I already had forgotten my love one’s who were gone astray, I still remember and love them so much. I even prayed for their souls. Only that I still have responsibilities to take and to accomplish. I believe that God is already taking good care of them in heaven and that if they were alive they would really support me with what I’m doing.             With this I was not able to go to net café to update my reports. I just message sir Danny about my activity. Yesterday was really a great day.            But the most enjoying moment that I had is when I’m home with my siblings and I cook for them, I buy them foods, we play, we share, we sing and we do a lot of funny things. This is the moment that they filled the missing part in me. Though I use to scold them sometimes but I really loved them so much. I just want them to learn their lessons so that they’ll go to their way straight ahead. I want to teach them to have directions in life. Also this was the moment we were talking with my mom over the phone and we were sharing our endeavors, I used to tell her I’m managing both the siblings and the repair of our house. She also sent us money for our foods and for the materials of our house. Only that we need to have it little by little. And… I remember, last night I had one funny experience. I was trying to get some sleep when I opened my eyes and saw that the moon is staring down at me from our rooftop. Hehehehe…our house is really friendly for it allows stars and moons to sneak over its roofs. Good thing it didn’t rain.            I also received an LBC package yesterday from
Iloilo office. It contains the banner about the job ads of the company. I decided to post it today because I still need to ask permission from the city office regarding the posting.  I message Ma’am Jo through text thanking her for the banner.

            And yes just this morning I went to the city hall, I inquired and they told me to go to the city engineer’s office and so I did. When I arrived there the officer told me that I need to secure a letter of permission and have it signed by the City Tourism officer. It should be addressed to the City mayor thru the Tourism officer. And so this is the thing I have to accomplish today. This is will be another challenging day for me.               I’m so thankful this journal exist at least I can say anything I wanted to.             I’m really doing my best here just to have more applicants only that maybe I need more strength, patience and courage in searcing for them. Just like what they say: Luck and strength go together, when you get lucky you have the strength to follow through but you also need to have the strength to wait for the luck. I’m just hoping, continously hoping and doing everything just to become an effective recruitment officer.             I’m doing this for my family, for the company and for everybody.            Thanks dad for your continous support and trust!!!            “I thing I can, Iknow I can, I think I can, I know I can, I Think I can, I Know I can……”            Hope to meet you soon…            Good luck and God Bless You always! 

Cyber Daughter Glenda 



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