Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 16)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 16)

November 3, 2006



Whew! Yeah…At last!!!
Mission Accomplished!!!

            Another tiring day is about to end. I never really thought that the Government is really this tough. I waited and waited again for hours in every room where I’m being told to  go by these people who are in position and in authority. I was like a fool following and following their orders. Yes, patience is really needed for this.

            Upon waking up this morning I hurried up so that I can leave the house to follow-up my pending task. The letter which is to be signed by the City Tourism Officer and the Mayor. I went to the office of this public officials who had been  in their seats until now but I don’t think are really effective enough with their functions. I don’t know, I know it is a sin to judge someone but they were the one’s who’s letting me feel this way. In honesty’s sake I was really expecting them to function accordingly.  

            When I arrived at the City Tourism Officers office, I was welcomed warmly by his staffs. They were all smiling at me so brightly as I was smiling so sweetly at them too. I told them I am there to follow-up my letter. They were still smiling at me. Their boss is in his seat too. Instead of entertaining my purpose. They had put me into a panel interview. They thought I am their boss’ granddaughter. They had asked me a lot of questions, where do I live, what’s my name, and the most controversial question is how old am I? I answered their queries which they sometimes ask me in chorus politely since I am the one asking for a favor. I am still managing to give them a sweet smile though I’m really getting impatient waiting for my letter. After that queries at last I was able to get out of their labyrinth. The Officer signed my letter, ask for his copy, told me to go to the mayor’s office for approval and I waved goodbye to them who are still asking about my age which I already repeated for I think ten times. See, what a waste of time. Are they being paid up just to chat with their customers…hehehe I’m sorry I’m really getting tough but it’s just an observation.

            Upon entering the mayors office I went to the information table and ask for an appointment with the mayor. But instead the girl in that table told me to proceed to the City Engineers office for another clarifications and verifications, and so I did again. As, I entered the Engineers office all of the personnel glared at me and looked at me with a look, as if they were so amazed seeing me enter  their office. Everybody was taken aback and I don’t know the reason why. Then I went to one table and ask about the letter. The man told me to proceed to the next table. So I went their and I presented the letter to their personnel. They read it once, twice, thrice..looking at my face and with so much curiosity the personnel wasn’t able to control herself asking me about my age. I told her I was 21, she burst out into laughter as she was telling me she taught I’m just a fourteen year old girl. I just smiled back at her and still manage myself to look politely. Then she passed my letter to the man sitting next to her, he checked it and tols me that it cost 500.00 pesos. Five hundred pesos to post a streamer!!! At first I was shocked but then I realize that it is for the own good of the company. I looked at the man straight in his eyes as if I was asking for a question. In my mind I was saying the amount is already big. Then at last I was able to open my mouth and speak, I said, “Five hundred pesos sir?, Is that the final amount, I think it’s too big.” He stared back at me. I pulled out the banner inside my bag and showed him the sample. He said that it is priced according to the size and quantity.

            I  then paused and think for a while, if I’m still going to continue or pursue the plan…as I was thinking so quietly. I suddenly heard the man telling me just to pay 250.00 hundred pesos only for the banner. They were still all smiling and laughing at me trying to chat about my age. They  don’t believe I’m 21. I was still thinking…Until I realized that this is for the company’s own good. So I said, “Ok, sir I’ll pay for it but I only have four banners to be posted here…” I’m still begging for another discount…The man stared at me once again laughed and told me. “If you’re not only cute I would not really reduce this to 200.00 hundred pesos.” So there it ends I have to pay 200.00hundred pesos. I was smiling so brightly that time for at last the price lowered more than half of the original. But I’m getting tired of waiting. The woman gave me the application letter to be filled-up. Then told me to go to the City Treasurer’s office to pay for the account and went back there after I have the receipt. I once again went downstairs entered the treasurers office and pay. I went back again then the woman typed the permit to be signed by the City Engineer. And at last gave it back to me. She asked for a copy and I gave her the photocopy. Upon leaving the office they once again asked me of my age, if I have a boyfriend and etc… Whew! Is this really necessary? They were just delaying my time. But at last after all I was able to get out of their maze.
Mission Accomplish.

            After leaving the City Hall I went to a friend to ask for a favor, there’s something wrong about the banner instead of  they put my personal e-mail, I need to change it because in my posters I use eversunroxas as an e-mail ad where the applicants could send their resumes. Good thing that this friend of mine is so generous that she offered free use of her computer in their office. I was able to change the e-mail ad on the banner. I just have to use my little creativity in order for it to be done.  God is really good He always gives me plan B in an impromptu manner. He always lends me initiative so that I could finish my missions everyday.  

            My only problem this time is on how I will post the banners. I really need reinforcement for this but I know God will help me with this tomorrow will be my posting mission because the permits affectivity day will be tomorrow morning.

            Hehehehe. I feel so refresh and happy for once again I was able to accomplish another great task for today even though it was like I run over so many obstacles.

            I also was able to distribute ads to some new friends.  And talk to them about the company of course.

            This is another great end for my day.


            This is for everybody.


            THANKS PAPA GOD!!!!


For daddy: I hope you’re ok, have a good night sleep. Thank you so much for your continuous support.            Glenda


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