Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 17)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 17)

November 4, 2006 


            My posting session went well yesterday, though I was a bit sick…I’m not feeling well actually but I have to continue my work since it was the last day of my duty and today is suppose to be my rest day. But because I had spent my time posting the whole day yesterday I was not able to make and submit  my reports. And so I was doing it today. I don’t want to procastrinate for I want all of my work to be finished on time.

            Well, hindrances and gridlocks cannot be avoided. I always experience this everyday. The shocking speed of time. Every tickling seconds from the hands of a clock seems to be a rush! I always need to get hurry to accomplish my jobs. Pressure…yes it was like I’m being placed inside a pressure cooker…I’m sweating all over, running, climbing and walking and riding and talking. Every seconds is important there’s no time for wasting something it should be given value. You must know on how to prioritize things or else you will be late, too late to accomplish a left task.

            For me the only secret in order for you to overcome all of this is just to enjoy your life and your day. Always seize the day! Never ever give up. No work is ever easy; you really need to take time and effort and the rewards are just there waiting for you. Jus think that your efforts are not wasted for everything has its own reason. Yes, you work so hard but you are being rewarded with a  salary. You learn, you mature and you earn these are the most important things to be remembered. Learning to live life this way is so satisfying. It gives you full satisfaction for you are working for good. You help and support other people in return of their kindness and help too!

            Yesterday I had my friend with me who accompanied me for my posting. To be honest I can’t post he banners by myself alone. I can’t reach high places. I really love this friend of mine also I am so thankful for his company and help. After the posting session I had just treated him for snacks and both of us went home happily. Another great task was accomplished. Another great help came and another fruit is expected out of the sacrifices that we’ve been through with or posting session. Good thing that I have friends like this. Helpful and supportive. Thanks God for always providing me with what I need. I owe You a lot. It’s really true; “No man is an island”.

            I’m really doing this things because of my daddy. I’m so thankful that  he had been so supportive with my efforts too. Thanks dad.

            I’m still continuously hoping and praying for the success of this project. God is good I know…

            I also was able to create my wordpress account today.

            This is for you daddy!!!




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