Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 2)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 2)

October 13, 2006 

                    Yes. Today is another day…time to take another walk, another run, talk, food, vitamins and etc. Today is the continuation of my journey, as a recruitment officer of Eversun Software Phils. Inc., as a big sister and to play a role as a mom and dad to my brothers and sister. Of course never will I forget as a cyber daughter to my one and only cyber dad.          This will be another exhausting and tiring but enjoying day.           Ok, updates about yesterday first.  I started the day preparing my reports, updating it, encoding it to the computer and sending it to the President and the Managers office. Actually I had this fun of doing my first journal entry for the company yesterday. I, the President and the manager had a chat. We talked about the progress of my job here in Roxas city. Of course I had confessed everything to them both the hardships and happy moments that I was experiencing while I am on the field and doing my homework. I am so glad both of them sympathized on the situation that I am having here. I’m also flattered when the President told me he likes the journal that I wrote. Actually I was able to think of writing it because I need to explain the process on how I solved the salary or pay I had taken from my allowance. Also I have to express what I’m feeling about the company.          Well, I had a lot of fun chatting with these two. Especially with the President we once again talked of our ridiculous and funny jokes for each other. This is what we do to make life happy and full of spice. To keep away from being bored. Our Motto? : “Work and Play these are the basics without them there is neurosis.” So we end our conversation happily.          I also had given an exam to one of the applicants.
Mr. Romeo Dolor who is so eager to take the test and apply for the company. Actually I really enjoyed his company because he is “Mr. Question?” He asked me a lot about the company and good thing I was able to answer all of his query. He was really smart and wow! He scored 125 pts. In the IQ test I had given him. That was good that I can’t keep my fingers from pressing the keyboard and telling the updates to my President and manager. At last I had an applicant who passed the IQ test. I was really hoping he can make the project test. Yes, I believe he could. To be honest he was one hope for me that day.
          Everything went so smoothly as I continue to contact applicants.          Today I’m here back to the keyboards again trying to fill the empty page of this document for my journal.          Actually I had here a poem that I wrote just yesterday . I don’t know I wrote it before I went to sleep. Also I was holding a brush that time until I just find myself brushing the colors of a watercolor in an empty page. ‘till I was able to come out with an art. Hope you’ll like it dad. In that drawing it’s the two of us standing and talking with each other in that island I don’t know where. THE END….           






When the darkness of the dawn fades away.Expect that there’ll be sunlight along your way.This means another start, another day.Time’s omnipresence will always stay.So as change remains that way.But never lose hope for when you get lostThere will always be the time for you to once again host. Let us just trudge the wayFor we’ll soon meet the boundaryNot as a hindrance but as a rendezvous of our success.This is the way on how to begin the day.This is where the journey begins and ends.Just always remember that when darkness comes it was followed by the dawn… 



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