Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 3)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 3)

October 14, 2006 

            Here comes another day again, another exciting and busy day…            The sun is shining so brightly upon my face. I know this is a good sign to start the day right.. Actually I had insomnia yesterday and it made me feel awake the whole night until now. I’m so glad I’m not sleepy while doing this. Yesterday was really a real countdown. As the bell rang every hour I am triggered by what would be the next event that would happen to me. Sometimes I feel like I’m running out of time to do my responsibilities but it feels so good when I am through doing it.. It’s an additional to my accomplishments for the day, and it’s really great doing things that way…            At least I am not bothered with my conscience for taking an advantage of my seclusion  from the people in authority to really see me doing my task. I didn’t escape and it’s a real fulfillment. Being true and honest to one’s self and to others is the best way to be satisfied with life’s daily struggles.            I do believe that distance is not a hindrance to two people to be connected together. For God knows that the boundary He sets is reachable. Like the situation that I do have in my office, the President, the manager, my mom and my brothers and sisters. though we are at times and even always far away from each other but it makes our love for each other grow bigger and bigger and much stronger and stronger each day. This is the beauty of love. It binds and even reach the farthest place just to fill its presence.            Well, about my yesterday’s activity, as usual I am with my reports, my applicants and my posting job. Actually I went home 9:00 in the evening because I posted the job ads I had printed the morning. I need to make a lot of posting to really promote the company here in Roxas. I am not giving up, I know its hard but I am not giving up, for my dad, for my family and for all the people who needs my help… Yes, I have to do it at night since it was so hot during the day. It went a success actually I was really guided by an angel for nothing happened to me. The only thing is I got an insomnia. I meet one applicant, given her a test, went to CPC for updates about alumni’s data. Good thing the Dean of Student affairs reminded me of the activity they are planning to give me. They were inviting me as a guest speaker during a seminar on their IT week and they want me to talk about the company, like an IT career talk. I felt so happy for I know through this I can promote the company’s name in

City. This is good since the students there also have friends outside and older brothers and sisters whom they can recommend as applicants for they are not graduates yet. Also they are a big help for information dissemination about the company.  I’m really excited about this. On Monday I’m going to meet the head of the IT department about the plan for the said activity.             I also had given some of the ads as flyers to those who are interested. I know I haven’t reach the quota for this week but at least I was able to make myself  busy with different assignments that I had.            Like daddy I am also very, very thankful for knowing someone like him. What I’m doing is just in return of all of his kindness for me.  Thanks dad for appreciating my drawing and the content of my poem and journal that I had written. Yes, that was really for you. Yes, I do hope we can have a chat soon when I’m not that busy anymore how I miss that moments also. Most of all I’m missing you very much.             Today I also had given an exam to one applicant and I’m trying to check her paper here. Also another hope there is another good applicant here. He was a magna cum laude. I do hope that this will continue everyday. I believe that God is always good.            Hmmm… about the drawing, yes, that you got it right I really made you so tall…hehehe. And me so small but that’s us…I’m your baby so I need to be small. Ok I ‘ll just contact kit for the schedule, about Romeo he needs to finish his project test first…             Hope you’re always ok dad. I’ll be sending you today my favorite song. I really can relate to this promise!!!            I love you Daddy and I miss you….            Yabadabadoo….hohohooooo… 




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