Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 4)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 4)

            October 16, 2006


            Today is the day and tonight is the night…Hehehe I was trying to think of a good intro but it seems that I’m getting lost…

            Well, assignments and accomplishments need to get done for today. Monday, first day of the week and the busiest day…I have to set appointments and meet appointments too…

            Last Saturday I had finished my appointments and my day ends happily not because it’s already the end of my duty and the next day is rest day but because once again I was able to accomplish something for myself and other people.

            Well I was able to reply to mails, check my accounts, update my accomplishment report, journal, expense report, meet applicant, and administer test, check test paper and etc…that was a real great day…

            I also enjoyed reading the e-mail daddy had sent me that time about the drawing and the poem that I made. That day I also was able to send another bunch of updates to the manager and the President. And also I had an additional two good applicants, who in that same day had given another hope not to give up but rather continue the struggles I already began with.

            I find the job really, really challenging and exciting, sometimes I feel like I’m getting lost, feed up and would want to give up but God is always good for He always lend me His wisdom to really understand the challenges of the day and also He gives me strength to continue moving on with my life. I am just trying to remember “When you’re hardest hit that’s the moment that you mustn’t quit.” It’s fun to feel things and be under this kind of circumstances. It really helps me grow more, emotionally. Yes, it helps me to be stable both mentally and emotionally. I do really hope I’ll never get tired but instead I’ll enjoy the things that I’m doing. Though deep inside the armor “the warrior is a child”.

            Today I enjoyed my chat with daddy, I once again felt the warmth of his fatherly love for me…But we need to put limits to our conversation since I still have lots of things to do and accomplishments to be accomplished that day. So I signed off and meet mr. Anthony Banilla the Head of IT Department of CPC for us to have a talk regarding the activity they are planning in which they would want to invite me as speaker and to talk about the company.         

            I ended up the day working with my reports..




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