Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 5)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 5)

October 18, 2006


            Yesterday was the busiest day that I ever had. People are getting dizzy seeing my face everywhere. I had this idea of distributing the ads as flyers. Also I had an appointment with one of the applicant the morning. I was not even able to log-in to net café.

            This is really a real struggle, good thing God is always there to give me strength. I am so thankful when the tiring duty hours of mine ended that day. At least once again I was able to distribute and disseminate the info all about our company here. It’s really hard when you do have competitors.

            I am always hoping that everything will end up a success. Everyday I was asking God to add the strength he was giving and lending me. I am not so strong without Him He is my power. Life is not that easy but as what they say “ No matter what happens life must go on”.

            I’m really feeling tired today…Sometimes I’m trying to ask myself if ‘till when I can stand here. But I always believe that God will never leave me alone.

            Today is another busy day…I have to meet a lot of appointments with my applicants, with my bosses, etc…I know I can do it all…





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