Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 6)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 6)


October 19, 2006 

            I was awaken by a loud shout this morning…It started my day alive…Yes in my dream someone is shouting at me to wake up so I went crawling on my mat reach out for the clock and saw that the time is already 6:30 am. I get up off my bed and started to prepare everything and it was just later that I discovered I wasn’t dreaming.             I’m about to leave the house when I remembered that I really had to start my day happily. Yesterday I checked the test papers of my two applicants and wow! Both of them passed the IQ test. Mr. Delatina got the score of 115 pts while Mr. Baticados got 120 pts. These two are really great for they made me feel alive again!            I am sending them text messages congratulating them for passing the first screening test which is the IQ test while I was walking to the net café where I’m saving my files. Upon reaching the net café I really can feel the happiness that the guys are having upon receiving my message. At last their time and effort and mine too have not been wasted. We made it! I then opened my e-mail and checked if there are additional applicants and I was taken aback when I saw her resume…she added the great start for my day. Her qualifications is really overwhelming.              I continued working with my reports while I was having a chat with the President regarding the updates of my recruitment. It was really a real fun that the two of us are sharing the moments of our exciting hardships and efforts to look for good and qualified applicants. We are continuously hoping to dig more treasures from the mine.            After that I went out of the net café to concentrate in getting in touch with more contacts from my list. Sometimes I get disappointed when nobody replies to my messages but it made me feel happy when there are interested people who inquired about the job and the company.             My day ended happily too for once again I was able to finish another great task. My accomplishments…  



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