Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 7)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 7)

October 20, 2006



            As a field worker someone really needs to be always healthy and energetic. Not only that you also need to be always on the go, dynamic, active and full of life. Those qualities are really needed in order for you to accomplish the tiring task required for each day.

            The willingness and eagerness to accomplish one’s task is always considered necessary. Thinking of getting tired should be avoided though it is the reality that bangs! You must know on how to divert your attention to other things and focus yourself to the goal you are reaching.

            Well, these are just some of the realizations that I’m trying to instill to myself. Yes, I know I really need this because sometimes I am being locked-in by my own cowardice. They say I am strong, I have the spirit…yes it’s true but sometimes heroes fail too. I am not even a hero…

            My day started busy once again for I had a lot  of jobs waiting to be done, aside from my daily routines I also need to unlock some of the secrets on how I can improve my recruitment work. I know it isn’t that easy to think on how will I do it. But I am not losing hope for if there’s a will there’s always a way.

            I had this very frustrating day when my applicant who I really expect to be smart and eager for her application disregarded the job for a reason that she already has another job opportunity. I have learned another lesson that day. Sometimes you don’t need to judge a person or expect too much from him or her for achievements sometimes are deceiving and is not even a guarantee that she deserves the job being offered unless you’ll meet her personally or have a talk with her.

            I know these are just part of the challenges that I am suppose to overcome today. I never stopped to look for new applicants, I’m still hoping to find more soon. I continued contacting the contacts I have listed on my notes. Also I continued to talk and chat with people I met along with my rides and at the net café or at the schools I am going into. I still believe that I can do it.

            Yes I can do it for the company, for my family and for everybody.

            God is my only strength….




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