Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 8)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 8)

October 21, 2006 


            “Rain, rain go away come again another day..” Yes the rain poured down so early in the morning and its chill awakened me that day. It was so cold but I need to get up of my bed  to start another day for my job.            I know this day will be another busy day though the rain couldn’t stop me from doing my responsibilities. I prepared everything and left the house. On the other hand, Romeo is continously texting me about his travel t
Iloilo city for his interview with the manager. I instructed him about the address of the office. It was so nice that he was able to reach it. Also at the middle of our texting the President inquired about what am I doing? I said I’m fine and I told him about Romeo and the weather condition that we were experiencing. After a few minutes Romeo texted me again that the maneger told him to be back at 1pm and take his lunch first. I continued doing my routine; contacting the list of alumni’s that I have gathered from CPC and FCC.
            Also I had done a lot of talking and walking activities, this is what I remembered since there were no classes during Satruirday so after the rain calmed down I went walking and talking to people..yes different people I do really hope they could help me with my recruitment. I really enjoyed doing it since I was able to bfriend them.Then after that I went back to the net café to continue the updates for my reports. My weekend ended so good though my  foot and my whole body is so tired of my activity for the day but at last I was able to accomplish a great task at the end of the week. I hope I can harvest it’s fruits soon…or next week maybe.            I was so happy recieving text messages from my dad regarding the updates of my work it made me feel that he do really cares for me. Hope that he is always fine and that both of us will have long patience for the job and project that we were working for. Whew!!! Yabadabadooo…yohooo.. 




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