Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal)

      October 12, 2006 

    I officially started my duty for the company last September 12, 2006. This is the day when I first started to work for the copy of the Printed ads and distribute it to places where it can be seen by passers by and people.    I enjoyed doing the job a lot, though I find it so tiring but it gives me the feeling of fulfilment for after every effort that I wield to do it, follows the feeling of satisfaction for I had accomplished an important task for the day. I was able to help promote the company and also give chance and opportunity for those people who are seeking for their future or employment.    Every time I remember the moments that I am posting the ads with much effort to reach the place where people can see it within their eye level Im starting to feel the giggling beat of my heart for in honestys sake I am not as tall as they are so, I still need to stretch every part of my body, my feet and my arms especially just to reach that certain height of their eye level. Its both exciting and funny to do it. Especially when I see people laughing at me and wondering why Im climbing those walls just to post the ads. It was already an accomplishment for me and it made me sleep so tight during the night .     But another and the most exciting moment that made me feel so happy ever day is when Im having a chat with my cyber dad. He was really very, very funny. There are times I find our conversation so ridiculous. We both laugh at each other, we talk, we wonder and even giggle for the funny moments and experiences we were sharing. Its really a lot of fun. It made me feel so light like I was carried out by the wind through the clouds and there I was soaring and flying with much joy and laughter in my face. Like an angel. Daddy is the greatest and the best person Ive ever met in this cyber world. I can never forget him. Though I havent heard his voice yet but I can feel he was really a very, very nice and lighthearted man. He was the greatest gift in my life, he is more than a wish that came true. I cant believe it at first I thought it was just a dream but dreams really do come true. I love this person so much as if he was a real dad. Never did I thought Ill find someone like him in my journey through life. He didnt even know if how much did he made me feel so happy, he bring back the life in me, he had given me another hope and replaced the broken wings that I had. Now I can fly again. No matter what happens Ill never ever forget that once in my life I met this person, I was able to dig him as my treasure. I will treasure him in my heart forever. I will always pray for his safety and good health. Im so thankful God is so good for giving me the chance of knowing him. Now that he was already a part of my life, Ill do my best just to make him happy.    Also I meet those people who have been a part of his company, like Maam Jo, Jaqcui, Sir Romeo, Fritz and a lot more. They are all nice for I know that it was the legacy daddy had brought them when he first meet them and while they were working for the company. Its good to know those people.    After a tiring and busy work that I have of course my dad also gives me money for my pay. Yes that dad of mine is not an ordinary dad for he also is my boss. I salute you sir! Youre great.    I receive my first salary last September 19, 2006. Aside from my salary dad also sends me some more money for my allowances and of course to be spend for my transactions. I had an undertime last September 26 because I was not feeling well that time.     Last, last day October 10, 2006. I received another money from him through Western Union Money transfer. He said Im taking some of it for my pay. He also had given me the formula on how to solve it: (                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           no of hours worked/48)* 925. And so I started counting after the day I first receive my salary. I counted from September 20 up to October 10, 2006. I had earned 18 days and that is equal to 144 hours (No of days * 8hours) and from there I just followed his formula:(144/48)*925=2,775.00 .    So after taking my pay from the money the cash on hand left to me for my allowance is 1225.85.    This is my journal entry for today. Im finishing it because I still need to accomplish something for the day.     Thanks God for lending me his wisdom..    This is for Daddy. I love you daddy!!!  GLENDA RAMOS 


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