Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 18)

Gwenetian Chronicle (My Journal 18)

November 6, 2006             Planting is never easy. Waiting for the harvest is not that fast.             A plant starts from a seed it does not grow that easy. They need TLC (Tender, Love and Care) too! You need to water them and take good care of them. It takes time, patience and hard work. We should bear in mind that life is never that easy. Like growing a plant.                    I wanted to compare this thing to my recruitment work. I’m just starting to plant my seeds. We should also try to remember that before planting we still need to plough the soil, and make sure that it has nutrients needed by the plants. That’s why we put fertilizers. Like in recruitment we need to be patient to look for good and better applicants.             For they say “Luck and strength go together, when you get lucky you have the strength to follow through but you also need to have that strength to wait for the luck”. It’s not always every day that we are lucky…But I still do believe that hard work and patience really counts.             I always feel so disappointed every time I open my mails and find out that there were no new applicants. In my mind I always say… “I’ve already done my best but it seems that I’m not lucky.”  These negative thoughts cannot always be avoided. But somehow it helps me to continue moving on. It encourages m e to continue the fight.             To be honest sometimes I am thinking of giving up but every time I look back and remember the hardships that I’ve been through with my daily work, I then realize that I’m suppose to go on and be stronger than ever. For if I have overcome all of those why can’t I overcome the next.             Challenges are really good. I haven’t mentioned yet that during my college years most of my teachers and friends are wondering why I had taken mathematics as my major subject that in fact I can take English or Gen. Sci.              Well, the real score behind is…I hate mathematics, I find this subject as a boring one, I always have low grades on it and I always get frustrated every time I receive my test papers and find out that I got low scores. I think these reasons are already enough for me to challenge my self to take mathematics. I really want to learn more about it and why am I getting low grades in this subject and so I did. I had taken mathematics as my major. And I found more interesting things about this subject till I find my self enjoying it more and more everyday.            Just like this recruitment work. Where could you ever find someone who has taken education as her course major in mathematics but ended as an undergraduate and now works as a recruitment officer. Does the designation really suits me. But I’m not thinking of that anyway, as long as you are making yourself flexible then you really can do it. Actually I’m enjoying the job more and more everyday. I’m learning a lot of things…and I’m growing more and more everyday.            Glenda                


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