Gwenerian Chronicle (Journal 20)

Gwenerian Chronicle (Journal 20)

November 8, 2006


               Today is another busy day. Although I’m running out of funds but I still need to continue my job. I went at my high school alma  mater this morning and my mentors  gladly welcomed me there. We talked about the job that I have at present and they  tried to ask me a  lot of questions. That is one advantage and one good thing for me for I was be able to introduce to them  the company. Also I was able to distribute to them the remaining ads that I have. They will  be one great help for me. I’m really hoping that they will help  me with this. I know they really would. Then after my conversation with them I contacted Kit about the Project Test being sent to me by Fritz last day. That was from one client  named Carlos and he needs to accomplish it by three o’clock this afternoon. Good thing he was able to reply. And we saw and meet ea ch other , but there is one problem he told me that his mom doesn’t want him to work in
Iloilo or in other far places except in Roxas. His family is really one big burden for him. And so I told him that we need  to chat with the manager and the President regarding that so that they will understand his situation and for formality’s  sake too.

            I really felt so sorry for he was one good applicant. But I know there are really reasons behind why he can’t  be a part of the company. I was so glad to  know him for he was one good friend and companion too.

            Also I was able to send  Sir Danny my pay expense report that  day which he really requires me to forward to him so that he can send me another account or amount for my budget which will  be allocated for my future recruitment activities. I also was able to chat with him and Ma’am Jo only that we can’t chat long because we were both busy and we were doing a lot  of things I know he was so busy… I apologize if I wasn’t able to tell him early that I’m running out of budget actually I’m just shy.

            I know that we could overcome this all and that we’ll end up a success.

            Good thing I also have applicants here…


God Help Us!!!!!!





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