Gwenetian Chronicle (Journal 21)

Gwenetian Chronicle (Journal 21)

November 9, 2006 

            Another day has come, another dawn has ended. Another challenges will be faced. Hope that this day will end a success!!!            Yesterday was a fruitful day too. I was able to accomplish my task and my reports. I ended up sleeping so tight. For once again another great day has ended.            I wake up early this morning to fetch water from the well, cook food for my siblings and water my plants. I really feel so relieved every time I had my responsibilities done. Yes, division of time is really one great problem for me. I need to work fast inorder to finish a task and proceed to another. It was like I’m already a family person. (Well, this is the reason behind why I wanted to remain single forever, My family is already enough and I don’t want top add up another burden into my life). My multitask was really tiring it’s not a joke to live like this. A mother, father, provider, older sister, and a lot more.             Regarding my Job I also encounter a lot of challenges but I’m really trying hard to overcome all of those because I do believe that hard work really counts. I really want to help my family and the company is the only chance for my dreams to come true.             Today was more on computer and internet exposure. I worked with my reports, the ads and search for applicants in the net too!            Also updating a daily report is really enjoying for me.I use learn and learn more everyday.             From physical to emotional maturity this thing really helps me a lot. But I can’t deny the fact that I am only human and is subject to err. But I still do believe that It will help me improve. Though critics are always around but they are a big help anyway. I’m just trying to be optimistic more and more everyday and that is one most important thing for me. Also God is my shepherd and I know He will never let me down….. 





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