Gwenetian Thought 1

Gwenetian Thought 1

Nov. 10, 2006




A lot of people are really curios about me and my personality. I don’t know if what’s the reason behind why they’re trying to eye me everyday as if I’m the most famous celebrity in town. I’m just a simple person with a simple dream in life. I don’t even want to be famous. I’m not even exposing myself just to get their attention as much as I want I love staying home. I’m a homebody person. If not because of school and work I’ll not be exposed outside. I just love facing the mirror and talking to my self alone rather than chatting with those people who are fund of making gossips. They were my best enemy. I know that to err is human and we are living the world of imperfection. But let us try to consider individual differences. Each one of us is a unique person with a unique personality. So just keep your mouth shut and mind your own business please!!! Why don’t you try to focus on improving your self rather than eyeing someone’s deeds. So what if I’m a lesbian? This is my life this is the real me. So what if I’m the family’s black sheep…These negative things are my mazes it’s not yours so it’s up for me on how to solve these and to find a way to get out of it. C’mon my dear fellows let’s be fair. Live your life and I’ll live mine too.

            I’m a friendly person but please just don’t try to chase me everyday like you’re an idiot trying to follow my every step. I’m not perfect so please don’t just look at my mistakes. I’m a human being and like you I am subject to commit sin. And this thing is unavoidable. Yes if only I have more time maybe I’m already having a statistics of the daily and even the hourly sins that I’m committing. But I’m busy…Yes very busy with my life. Sometimes I don’t even have time to comb my hair and even eat my breakfast. I’m always running, running and running. Life is a race. If you’ll not go along you’ll be late and you’ll just notice that’s it’s too late for you to go ahead. Sluggish ways are hindrances and stumbling blocks for your own life. Better go ahead before it’s too late. Time passes by so quickly like a blink of an eye.   —-To be Continued—–


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