Gwenetian Journal (My Journal 21)

Gwenetian Journal (My Journal 21)

November 13, 2006

            It’s been a long time since I haven’t updated my daily journal, following are the reasons behind. First and foremost I was so busy with my fieldwork, next time is running so fast, I am only human and I also get tired. But at last I got my other reports done especially the most important ones.

            Today is another busy but exciting day. Last day was my home sweet home day. Yes I’m rally excited for my fieldwork again. It really made me enjoy a lot. I’ll be meeting one of the applicants, Ms. Dionelyn Voluntarioso. She was a  computer Science Graduate. Also I’m going to administer her examination too. Last time I administered an examination with Mrs. Sare but one sad thing about her is that she didn’t make it to pass the IQ test. I really hope Ms. Voluntarioso will pass the exam.  (written10:30 am to be continued)

            Yes I just came from CPC to have the bookmarks risographed. I’m going to distribute this bookmarks instead of making ads. I know that this thing will click especially to students. 

                 I could still remember last time when I’m giving a test to Mrs. Sare,  at first I meet her at the Capiz Display Center. She was nice and kind, after a few minutes it went raining so hard so we transferred at Burgos  near their house then the power  shortage interrupted. But one good thing is happening rain or shine my career and life is still continuously going on.  

            Everyday needs to  be a busy day. I’m really enjoying this career of mine. Thanks God I’m still alive and kicking…



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