Gwenetian (My Cyber Tour 1)

Gwenetian (My Cyber Tour 1)

November 15, 2006

During my high school years I was the only student in school who knows how to use computer, we don’t have computer subject for I am only studying in a public school. Our office has only one computer unit. At first no one knows  that I know how to use computer, until one day one of my teachers asked me if I know how to use it, I said “yes Ma’am but only a few applications.” I said I just know how to use Microsoft Word. So she brought me at the Principal’s office and told the principal she wants me to work for her files in the computer. During that time the school computer was only used for display at our office. For nobody there knows on how to use it even one member of the faculty and teaching staff. The computer was donated by the government to the school. So they were so excited that there was one student who knows how to use computer. Actually I just learned using it by just observing. I acquired knowledge about it from our Pastor’s son. They were American Citizens anyway and they have computer at home. I once worked at their house as their school girl. because of my interest and curiosity in learning if what really is that weird machine which I first saw in my entire 14 years of living on earth, I used to sneak in at their computer room every time Luke was working on their computer and from their I was able to learn some of the basic applications, especially in MS Word.

            Well, at first the school principal was still hesitant to entrust me the computer but when they saw me that I really knew on how to “operate” their term then that was the start. They always called me at the office every time there are things they would want me to work for. Those are typing jobs. I can’t even oppose for it is a request from my mentors.  Anyway I’m enjoying it and I’m learning and discovering more and more everyday. That was the time that my passion for learning computer was really developed. So until I graduated I was the one doing all of the school files. I also thought my teachers on how to use the applications that I know. That was so exciting.

            At present I’m still interested to learn more. And I’m really discovering and learning a lot. I could still remember that before I entered the company I don’t even know on how to use messenger. I had never chatted before. I also was not so familiar using internet but then little by little I’m trying to cope up with the daily lessons I’m trying to assign to my self. Yes, it’s really true. When the company president approached me if I have ever used the yahoo messenger I didn’t told him I don’t I just went to an internet café then I saw the icon, click it logged-in and magic! there I was already chatting with him!!1 It’s really exciting to discover and learn things by yourself alone. Curiosity really helps!!!-àTo be continued….


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