Gwenetian (My work journal 1)

Gwenetian (My work journal 1)

November 15, 2006

I love writing but sometimes I need and I use to force myself to do it. The reason behind this is that, I only realize and appreciate my writings after I am already through with it. Actually the main purpose of this journal is for the company Eversun Software Phils. Inc. to have a document or this will serve as the company’s history if ever the plan of putting up and office here in Roxas city will be materialized.


Yes, the struggles that we are undergoing to promote the company in Roxas City is one of the most important thing to be treasured. The people and personality involved in the continuous process of promoting the company are all factors for its forthcoming success.

actually everybody is really doing their part to contribute. Mr. Danny Sullivan, the company’s President is continuously giving his full support for the promotion of the company, Mrs. Merju Tingson, the Iloilo branch manager and the company were also in full support to the project. With this, it is not really possible that thecompany’s goal and plan will be materialized.


I as the company’s recruitment officer was also doing my part and my job. The daily routine of contacting and getting connected with different people and personality around Roxas City  is one big help in the development of the recruitment process that I’m doing. Also it helps me to incessantly do my task though it’s really tiring. I’m enjoying my life and my work everyday. I really feel that I’m already a career woman. At my age of 21 years old I know that somehow it’s really complicated to be working in this kind of job especially that my background was not even enough to be qualified for the position being entrusted to me. But my daily training helps me to develop more maturely and understand little by little the nature of the job being assigned to me. I’m also learning a lot from doing my daily task and from discovering the world where I know belong.

My warm gratitude to the Almighty one for his guidance and protection and also for his providence in all of my undertakings. Also to all of the persons behind this. My inspirations.


I know that by taking one step at a time will really be a great success!!!


God Bless Us All!!!



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