Gwenetian (My work journal 2)

Gwenetian (My work journal 2)

November 16, 2006


Today was really a busy and exciting day. I do have lots of things to accomplish. I need to double time to finish the entire task being required by the job to me. I have my appointment with CPC today, I will have a talk on their orientation program actually they named it “IT Career Orientation Program”.

I am excited but I feel so nervous as the time is nearing. My talk is scheduled two in the afternoon. I’m just praying that this thing will end up a success.

Just this morning, one of the applicants texted me, begging for another chance for the examination. She was really interested to become a part of the company. Mrs. Ma. Fe Sare, actually I also wanted to give her a chance but I still need to ask for an advice from my superiors especially from the president about this matter. And so I told the applicant to just wait for my text I said I’ll talk to the president about it. actually I can’t deny, she was also one good applicant. only that she didn’t make it to pass the IQ test. I really can see and even feel the eagerness in her. She also told me she has a friend who is willing  to apply. I told her that her friend needs to pass a resume at the company’s’ .

One funny thing happened to me this afternoon. I arrived at CPC at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon. I talked with the adviser of their IT Department Mr. Banilla. While we were waiting for the students or audience to arrive I kept on explaining to him the things about the company. Then my talk started at exactly 2:00 o’clock. While I was in the middle of it. The
Iloilo office called over my phone. I don’t have any choice but to answer it. And so I told the audience to just hang for a moment because I need to answer my phone call. So I was holding the microphone while answering the phone. I wasn’t even aware that I have audiences listening. I forgot I was on a talk. Maybe because I just feel so tired. And so I just notice the whole audience were already laughing at me. Whew! bloopers…!!! Actually I still manage to give them a sweet smile. Fritz was on the other line talking to me and informing me about Arabella that she needs to report to the
Iloilo office right away tomorrow.  So I told her I will just contact Arabella and I also told her I was in the middle of my talk and I was in an orientation program. But it did already happen. We ended the call and I went back to my audience trying to discuss to them the matters about the company. I also opened up that we were having a plan to put up an office here in Roxas city. They were all quite and are attentively listening to me. I was so flattered. they were all interested. One goal there is the information dissemination. I was so thankful that during our open forum I was able to answer all of their questions and query about the job and the company. Whwew!!! thanks God it was a success. At the end of my talk they were all requesting me to sing and dance but I said I can’t I just can recite a poem for them. They all shouted “So be it!” but I answered “I’m sorry I had forgotten the poem I’m suppose to deliver. And we went laughing together. I rteally enjoyed their company and so are they…

This is one good day for me for I was able to accomplish one great task for the company….

This is for everybody.




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