Gwenetian (Filling the empty page)

Gwenetian (Filling the empty page)

Filling the empty page


Filling an empty page is like filling someone’s emptiness. This page may not be perfect but it’ll surely fill the reader’s eyes and mind with something new. Though some of the ideas are already passé but they indicate not only a single meaning and importance. People are of different personalities, they were all unique in their own simple ways. Meaning they may see and interpret this page in different ways, according to what they feel, who they are and how are they related and can relate to what is written here.

            I write for the sake of treasuring the thoughts that are in my mind. And if given a chance I would live my life… writing. Writing doesn’t only connote a single idea and thought. It is but one important factor to add up the spice in one’s life. Some doesn’t appreciate its real beauty. They weren’t even aware of its significance in their daily lives. A single word in an article means lot for it cannot be completed if there’s something missing on it. Like in music a single note plays a lot of role; to complete the song’s melody. The missing note needs to be hunted to complete the sound of whatever melody that will be played. In a ladder, you can’t go to the next level unless you pass next step. Writing is more than what is being uttered by the mouth for it can be treasured. Sometimes it touches people’s lives, it inspires them, it made them sick, it made them feel more depressed, angry and frustrated, sometimes it makes them happy, contented and simply face and live life the way it is.

            The daily circumstances that arise among individuals were all part of them and were written and interpreted by different writers and authors in different ways. Yes as what I have said we perceive things in different ways. But what is important is that, we know how to appreciate life and its beauty. We know our purpose and we know the reason why we’re here.

            Whether you’ll agree or not but each and every one of us wants to become famous and be the apple of everyone’s eyes. We always want to be in front, be appreciated and be loved. Yes, we want to be loved by all. You’re not just aware but that is one truth about us. We always crave for attention, like the irony “No man is an island”. Without the host where would the parasite live? The benefits that we gain from one another plays an important role in our daily existence. You can’t live by yourself alone, you need someone, a friend, a mentor, an adviser. It is impossible to build a school without students and teachers. For each and every one of us is meant for one another.

            Though I’m a lesbian but I still can’t deny that I’m also looking forward that soon I’ll realize that no matter what happens I’m still a girl. A wonderful creature created by God and will soon receive the concoction of love spell He had prepared for me. I know God is the only one who knows if what’s really right for me. I am subject under His power and I’m all ready to surrender everything to Him if time really comes that He already would want me to become a straight girl. I will be very glad then. Maybe my being a lesbian today has its purpose.  

            Writing really consoles my souls and it feeds me with more interest to live life everyday and expect that there’ll be more days to come…    


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