Gwenetian (My Instant Cyberdad)

Gwenetian (My Instant Cyberdad)

“Having an instant Cyber dad is really a great experience. Warning: If you’ll continue reading this article and interested to know the real score behind it I’m warning you you’ll surely regret it. Never blame me if you don’t want this article you already have the warning. But it’s up to you if your eyes really itches to read it. Hmmm…remember…”

For almost 11 years I’m a wanderer, lost in my own world. Longing for love, longing to see and find Utopia. Yes, Utopia inside the heart of someone who cares, who gives love and time. Someone who worries for me, someone who is interested to listen and lend his ears to hear my cries. Someone who would understand and give me advice. A FATHER not just by name but by words and deeds.

I never thought the journey for this search would last this long. I’m already 21 and yet ‘still longing for that company of someone whom I could call “daddy”. Until one day…Eureka! He came into my life. Yes, I at last found him. He appeared to me like a genie from the bottle and I’m hoping he’ll never disappear that way, I hope he’ll never be gone to me like a bubble. I believe it won’t happen. I love my daddy very much though he’s just a cyber dad. Never did I had even a simple regret for knowing someone as nice and kind as he is. He came into my life more than a big surprise.

Well, maybe you’re wondering why “cyber dad”. How could that be possible? My daddy and I have this very wonderful relationship as father and daughter. He is always at my side. He laughs at my jokes through smiley’s and we talk through chat but the magic is it’s not the distance that hinders us to be together rather it’s the thing that binds us more and gives us more faith to believe and love each other everyday. it’s always as if he’s just sitting beside me and talking ad laughing and giving advices. He even gives me money…

I honestly admit that even before the day I met daddy I’m already a girl whom you could refer to as “trying hard”. But I’m making it for good. I love my family, my brothers and my sister and my one and only beloved mother and the whole people on earth with no exception. I’m so thankful God had given me this kind of heart. I really rejoice also for His kindness and greatness to me for giving me this chance of experiencing a life with a daddy. I always believe that the greatest regrets in our lives are the risk that we did not take. That’s the reason behind why I met daddy. That is because I’m a trying hard and with my effort of trying my luck I found the man who would soon be my lucky charm my “Daddy”.

  • This article is especially dedicated to my one and only Cyber Daddy, Mr. Danny Sullivan.
  • Author: Her proud Cyber Daughter Glenda Ramos
  • September 22,2006

    For more information please e-mail <

    A greetings!.

    Take Care!!!

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