Gwenetian (On becoming a leader)

Gwenetian (On becoming a leader)

My working days-


In my daily life I encounter a lot of experiences with different people. It was really exciting that everyday you’re meeting someone you don’t even know and later on you’ll realize that they can become good friends. Yesterday I and the president had this very, very ridiculous talk in our messenger. I was really glad I was given the chance to know this guy. I wasn’t expecting we will click together. He was one consoler too!  We always end up with funny conversations.  

            I was so thankful I had a boss like him. Actually we don’t differ in some of our characters. Like me  he’s also a fun loving person, enthusiastic, always full of zip, optimistic. I really like going with this kind of people. The one who knows how to deal with everyone. Our friendly nature is one thing we have in common.

            Actually if ever I’ll be given the chance in the future to become a boss I will surely be like him. Humble, true and simple. I would really love to manage people that way. I love being loved. When you lead people that way they would really feel that you love them and in return they’ll strive more to become more and more productive member of the company. Since you’re treating them the right way, with TLC.  Kindness is always repaid with kindness. Yes being too bossy made your workers feel they are being treated like robots.  

            I’ve already learned this when I got involved in different organization during my school years. When I was held to become the president of one of our school organization, I always treated my members with kindness and respect. I always say, you know what we just differ in positions but were all the same, were teammates, we have one goal, to make this organization improve! We need to try our best! I’m just here if you need me and tell me if I’m not doing the right thing. I’m always open for your suggestions and I am willing to be replaced if I haven’t done my part so effectively. With that my members were all open to me regarding their plans and we become one and we became success! I always show them I’m working, I don’t do commands. I just play my part as their role model. If they saw me working so hard for our projects they then realized that I’m in need of help. Sometimes I just keep quite and do my part. Then I’m just surprised that my members contribute their part and that is more than what I’ve asked and expect for. I use to give them time to relax and laugh and play and express themselves even just for one day. Sometimes I ask them to accompany me to the beach and we would do a lot of fun and open forums. With this strategy I was able to gain their trust and loyalty.

            Yes, I’m a democratic kind of leader. I don’t expect too much. I just get contented with what I have and I just wait for the luck to come. All I know is that I’m just doing my best, very best!





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