(Gwenetian) My Day

(Gwenetian) My Day

            My migraine started when I’m in my fifth grade in elementary. When this thing attacks my fingers and hands are getting numb, my vision is getting so blurred and it’s as if I have thunderclaps inside my head. The ache is undeniably very much painful. All I can do is just put myself on bed, squeeze my head so tight and wait until the pain will slowly pass away. It was like I am being tortured.

            Yesterday I had an attack. I am suppose to have my duty when I suddenly felt the numbness in my fingers and there it was hitting me.

            Good thing the next morning it was gone.

            Today, I once again began my day. My job, I did went to Capiz State University Annex campus to meet the adviser of their student publication. Mr. Iturralde. Good thing he was there and we were able to talk and discuss about my purpose of going there.

            My weekly quota should be at least 10 screened applicants. Yes, honestly speaking I’m having hard times  to reach it. Though I’ve been marketing the company here in Roxas for almost a month but I don’t know if what’s the reason behind why there were only few applicants who were interested.

            I was walking at the city proper after going to the university when I noticed some of the job postings from other companies. It was teared down, like the ads that I posted. then I went to CPC due to call of nature, I hardly need comfort room to urinate. I was passing by at their bulletin board and I saw a lot of job ads being posted one of it is a job ad from a call center company. Yes, this is one controversial job opportunity and most of the CPC alumni’s that I was able to reach out were already working in call centers in

            Then I overheard students talking about the job opportunity on that company. They said that the company offers at least twenty seven thousand a week for salary. That’s why they were so encouraged to apply after graduation. Upon going out of the CR, I distributed some of the bookmarks (company ads) to students I pass by. Also I tried to explain to them things about the job and the assignment.

            Then I did went to the net café to update my reports. However due to some power interruptions my work was also interrupted. But good thing the power came back again and I was able to finish it and send it to the President and the manager.

            I’m still holding on…




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