Gwenetian (Thoughts on freedom)

Gwenetian (Thoughts on freedom)

            Freedom is one thing we always want to have. Yes, if there’s one thing I would want to be free from. It would be from life’s uncertainties. But no one could ever get out of this maze. It’s possible but only temporary. If we were given the chance to free and escape ourselves from one of its circumstance we should expect that there will be more to come and follow. All we need to do is just to prepare and be ready to whatever challenge it would give us.

            In the roads of our lives there are detours, and that is to give us the chance to sometimes escape and breathe for a moment. Good thing that detours are their. The only power that we need to use is our innate capacity to understand, learn and focus on the things that we are aiming and wanting to have. Yes, that’s why we need to set certain goals in our lives so that even though we’re having detours we will still try to go back to the right track and path no matter how rugged the road there is. Because we have our goal, we dream and we are living on it. This is to put directions in our lives. If there are boundaries they never meant to stop us at all but they were there to remind us of our limitations, weaknesses that we need to overcome. Our imperfection is one thing a boundary is meant to remind us. It’s really hard to determine the shape of the road that we are trying to trudge along but what is important is reaching the right place at the right time and moment. Happiness, satisfaction and contentment are things that our reached goals will bring to us.

            We just need to remember that in our every step we also need to look down sometimes. Aiming high and soaring so high might put you into danger. It can become stumbling blocks to your road. For if there were views above you, there were also views below. They may somehow help you push yourself towards your destination. For people are of different levels you should know on how to walk with the different shoes and you must learn to put yourself on them.

            Being flexible is one great factor for you to achieve success. Sometimes you fall on the ground but because you know on how to look back. Those who are behind you surprisingly come to rescue.

             God is one great armor to be carried in your heart along the way. For He surely will never let you down. If some people tries to pull you down, you should be proud of it for it means you are above them because Jesus is carrying you. Yes, you are lucky enough for being noticed and given attention.

            No matter what happens says an old cliché Life Must Go On….





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