Gwenetian (walking Yesterday)

Gwenetian (walking Yesterday)

            Yesterday I made myself busy with my activity for the day. Since it was Monday so I was thinking of doing new thing and activity. I remembered distributing the bookmarks that I had printed and made last time. Actually I already was able to distribute some of it to CPC students during the Orientation program where I was invited to speak for the company. Yes, actually I’ve been doing this activity since I started distributing the company ads not only for posting but at the same time to people I meet and talked with. This is the reason behind why I wasn’t able to enter the net café to update my reports. Actually I really enjoyed the activity. I’m hoping that through this I can gain  more applicants.

            Today when I logged-in the net café the first thing that I did is open my accounts. And there I saw and reads a letter from the company’s president. It really inspired me a lot to do my activities. He even recommends book and links for me to learn more about making friends and communicating with people. I do really hope I can find a copy of it in a bookstore. I do enjoy reading aside from writing. However, I am already running out of budget for I haven’t noticed that I overlooked the record when the president asked me about it last time.

            But still, I’m continuously doing my job here. I’m really enjoying more and more everyday….

            Really hoping that this project will become a success…



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