gwenetian (Today)

gwenetian (Today)



When I wake up this morning I felt this dizzy thing but there’s no time for me to give an attention to it since I am thinking of my work.

I don’t want to be absent for my campaign needs more improvement. And so I did went to the well where we use to take a bath and bathed myself with the cold morning water. Good thing it made me feel refreshed. Then I went home and fix everything for me to be ready for my duty.

Actually I have to do the routine of distributing some papers about the company’s job vacancies. I haven’t even remembered that Mr. Sullivan told me the night before, he’ll send me some more money for my budget until I received his text message. That time I was having a rest in one of the bakery stores near the terminal.  While I was trying to buy some bread there were groups of children in their messy and dirty shirts who approached me. They were begging for foods. I was really hungry but I can’t take the pain of seeing their hungry faces. And so I did give some of my breads to them. I was just trying to control my tears not to fall from my eyes.  This situation and people is one of my weaknesses. So upon sitting down in one of the benches and biting the bread left to me I was trying to imagine myself in the shoes of those little angles who by fate was thrown in that situation. I then realized that I wasn’t alone in this world. I am still lucky, lucky for I fate is not against me, not so tightfisted. I was still given the chance have money to buy foods, clean clothes for my body etc.

            I was just wondering if what action does the government is taking for these people.

            I did resumed my job after eating. It’s really very, very tiring but it really feels good that you’re doing something for the company….

            If ever this project will not become a success here in Roxas I am very much willing to be assigned to other places.

            But I’m still holding on.






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