Sometimes I’m running out of ideas. I don’t even know if what I will write. Just like now, I’m still blank while doing this thing.

            And here it is. Actually it had been raining here since early this morning because of the incoming typhoon. Not only that it’s also windy. That’s why y recruitment outfit really fits that day. My jacket with matching long pants. Hehehe that’s how I’m getting ready for another field work.

            I don’t know if what really are kinds of people are here in

City that until now no one had ever passed an application letter to me. It’s as if my efforts are just useless. I don’t know on how to explain this thing. When I was the one hunting for a job, I would apply to all of the vacancies that I saw on paper when I stroll around the city proper. Whew! This is really a total struggle.

            I really can’t take this anymore I wanted to really cry out loud. whahahaha….where are you applicants? I’m really needing you!! please….. I’m not giving up. I’m still holding on, I’m still holding on…



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