A Day Before

A Day Before

Yesterday, I was really bothered on what new idea and step will I make to improve my recruitment. Then I suddenly remembered the radio and television station.            So today, this morning I did went to BOmbo radio Philippines, one of the hit radio station in town to ask and inquire for their rates in advertisements. Today is a holiday, Bonifacio day. But I was still able to talk to one of the technical person in their station and he had given me the copy of their rates. I thank him and waved goodbye after our talk. Then I went to my next destination. The ABS CBN Broadcasting Company. Good thing they do have branch here in Roxas. I did inquired there too. Then afterthat I went to the net café to consult and tell the president about my new updates. After our conversation I went back to the big mall to distribute the paper slips which has the company’s ads. And good thing there were many people in there. And here I am trying to type my updates. Thanks God another great day ended. Thanks I am still alive, kicking and breathing. 



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