Past Tracks

Past Tracks

            I’ve been living in this old Earth for almost 21 years. That was already enough for me to be considered as a long journey. I’ve witnessed and even taste victorious battles, bitter loses and disappointments and a lot more. But it seems that all of those happened in just a snap, a blink of an eye. Time passes by so fast. Things are being forgotten like a fire which turned into smoke and just disappeared and never showed itself again. If not because of the gift of memory past will always remain forgotten. And they are a lot to miss for without it the pursued future has no meaning.

            Well, just an intro…appetizer?!. I am out of nowhere actually.

            This morning I wake up with the sun rising so brightly. The dawn ends and son its time to start another new day. I had forgotten that yesterday is supposed to be my appointment to the management of Bombo Radyo. And so I’m going to do it today. God is always good for He is always there to guide me. It’s always good that every time you wake up in the morning you’ll remember something that you will do to start the day right. I admit I am being pressured by this. But I’m enjoying it. The thought of doing something out of your own initiative. It’s really fun.

            While I was writing this I was already able to communicate and talk to the manager of Bombo Radyo Phils. Mr Cyril Simpas. Good thing he really was a nice person. We were able to discuss the rules and the transaction smoothly. The lowest rate is seventy pesos per spot. In recording they charge 500.00 pesos but he offered me 300.00 hundred pesos for that. Actually I even told him that the company has this plan of putting up a branch here in Roxas. I left him with my paper slips and he gave me his calling card. I’ll just contact him about the decision later on.

            Everyday I’m trying to remind myself of the word “win-win relationship”. This thing reminds me that my task and responsibility really needs to be improved. I really need to do something to contribute and I really must. It’s an order. That’s what I’m trying to put in my mind.  This is the only thing I can do. Motivate myself to do what is right and to think, to use my initiative. This is really hard and very much challenging. Like what I’m always saying…”I’m still holding on…”


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