Still Hoping

Still Hoping

The thought of becoming a recruitment agent didn’t even come to my mind. I am not even expecting that fate will bring me this far. So much far away from what I’m dreaming before. But I really thank God for giving me this chance and opportunity. I’m really thankful that though His always giving me the unexpected. Never did He leave me in times of my troubles. He’s always there to give me guidance and protection and most of all courage to be able to overcome the days’ challenges.

The family issue, company issue and a lot of issues are  only a few things that bothers me everyday. At home my role as mom, sister and provider made me really become more and more mature everyday. I really want my mom to be home. It’s really different when she’s here and I’m seeing her situation. That is why I’m telling her not to send us money and just keep her salary for her fare. With this the only hope we can buy our daily morsel is my pay. That is why I’m really doing my best. I know that my mom can’t take heavy and hard jobs anymore especially she has her TB. I’m even afraid of the pain that she’s trying to suffer under that illness. I really want to be home. And she told me she’ll be home this January. She’s just keeping some money for her transportation. This is one enough big reason for me not to quit but to continue moving on. I know I’m already taking the place of becoming the family’s breadwinner. And I’m really enjoying this. I really wanted to dedicate my whole life to them.

            Regarding the job, I’m really trying my very best. I know this is just the only chance for me to help my family. To prepare for my future and to help other people. I do really hope I can make it or else my hopes and dreams will just melt down like candles being burned. I’m very much thankful I was here and I had been a part of this company. Thank God I was able to see and meet this man, this guy who had played a very, very important role in the realization of my dreams and in the revival of my strength and hopes.


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