Today is Monday

Today is Monday

At last I’m back. Whew! This is really tiring. I just came from my field work. Distributing the paper slips, walking, talking. Yes, the routine and my mission is still on the go. I’ve been trying my very best to really improve this recruitment. Last Saturday I also spent the whole day walking, talking and distributing the paper slips. But it seems that I’m really challenged and tested. I have taken all the possible risk just to improve my recruitment. I’m planning to even improve and revise the paper slip that I am distributing. I’ll try to put something on it that people would really appreciate and keep it for their own use. A mini pocket calendar I think will do. Yes, this is how tiring and hard it is. My struggles have not yet given its fruits. I really don’t know if what’s the reason behind why applicants are still out of nowhere. I’m even getting sick. Actually I have my cold today and there is a possibility that I’ll lost my voice a few days if this will continue. But I’m still holding on, hoping, dreaming, taking steps and taking all the risk. Hope that God will always be there to guide and protect and of course to help me with my undertakings. Thanks God. You are my last resort!


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