Enjoy the neuroses!

Enjoy the neuroses!

            Whew! My neuroses are multiplying everyday. I don’t know but I really can’t resist its power. I’m getting more and more conscious everyday. I’m getting more and more afraid of being pressured. Though I know these are spices of life. But I’m thankful I’m still normal because I still have fears inside me. I think people need to be afraid of me if I’m starting to be fearless in all things.             I’m trying to make my reports early because I wanted he activity to have its smooth flow the whole afternoon. I’m really excited to see and meet my dad in person. I know we will have more things to talk to when he’ll be here. I’m really missing our conversation.             I don’t want t say anything about the job right now. I just want to keep quite and leave no comments about it for the day. I’m trying to think of unwinding and getting away the thoughts of being pressured from it. I love everybody. Today I love everything that’s why I’m trying to enjoy each and every moment.            Glenda


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