It really feels so good when you have inspiration, the reasons behind why you’re working and why are you making an effort to reach and accomplish something. These are people who are part of you and are the reasons why you’re continuously fighting for life’s daily struggles. They were the reasons behind why you wanted to win the battle.

In  my life and daily struggles these people always reminds me that “quitters never wins” they were the reasons why I never quit why I’m continuously fighting, why I’m still here, why I’m taking all the risk.

They were my family, my mom, my brothers and sister, my grandma. My boss, Sir Danny, Ma’am Jo and a lot more.  Without them maybe I’m already gone and I maybe even ended my life here on earth. Actually and honestly I’m a coward. Yes, I’m a coward for I can’t fight without them. And most of all without God. Yes They were my strength and life. That is why I’m here, writing this notes for them, though they might not know it or read it but at least I was able to express it here. On this once empty page. They might not feel or appreciate my efforts but for me they are my life and my colors. They molded me to become stronger and stronger everyday. They even brought me to a place where I’ve never been before and not even expecting to reach.  They thought me on how to be brave, on how to fight and on how to live life on this old but young earth.  Whenever I remember them scolding me, I know they just want me to be strong and to fight for I know too that they are more afraid of my loses and disappointments. They just don’t know that I’ve been crying and tearing deep inside me not because of pain but of joy. Because I know that they do love me, they do care and they do believe in me. I know they do, I know because I can feel it, no matter how far they are from me. I know I’m not perfect, I’m not a  perfect character but they are always their to support me, though sometimes I’m being hardheaded. I really would want to thank them all. I really would want to hug them, whisper in their ears on how thankful I am for having them in my life. Yes, If only they were here, if only I can reach them out, if only I can, I really will. I was so thankful I’m having this chance to write it. Through this page at least I can shout out loud to the whole world, I love them all!
Eureka! I love them all, they were the answers to my prayer. I’m still holding on and that is because of them.


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