Today is another day. Another new day. This means, there will be another challenges to be meet along the road. This will be a start of another challenging and exciting day. All I am wanting this time is just guidance. Yes, I need someone who could give me more strength to move on. I need an advice, for honestly my strength was in its drowning stage. I don’t know why but I’m starting to lose hope. I know I am not supposed to feel it this way. I know I don’t need this I have to fight, I need to be strong, I need to go on.  I think these are just because of the neurosis that is in me. It’s as if there were forces which are trying to pull me down. I’m trying to regain the strength but they are very much strong, stronger than I am and I don’t even know if I still can get up from that drowning.  I’m really drowning both physically, mentally etc. Maybe there was just something inside me. I’m really trying my best to improve everything but it seems that the force of gravity is stronger than the magnet today.

But I’m not quitting. I won’t . I love this job, I love my family and I love everything and everybody. I know I can do this, I believe I can. I know I can and I’m still holding on and I will hold forever.

God please help me with this. Thank you. I know I can I really can because Jesus is their for me.



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