When Seniang Hits Us, Good Thing Tsunami Didn’t…

When Seniang Hits Us, Good Thing Tsunami Didn’t…

When SEniang Hits us, Good thing Tsunami Didn’t


Last Saturday, That was December 9, 2006. I was in our house preparing to go to work when I heard over the radio that there will be a typhoon. Seniang will hit

City with signal no 2 but there will be as possibility of an increase on its signal. At first I wasn’t even thinking about it. But then I realized it was a typhoon. Actually it was already raining since the last days. But then I still managed my self to distribute the paper slips last December 8, though the rain was so heavy because I did went to the mall.

City is celebrating its yearly event called “Sinadya sa Halaran” The seafood festival. And there were a lot of people in the city some of them are foreigners trying to observe the said event. So it will be one big event to miss. Also there were local celebrities who were invited to entertain people and a lot of activities too. I did went home 2:00 am. Good thing I was able to distribute more paper slips. The celebration will end December 10, 2006. But then when the news spreads that Saturday morning that a super typhoon will attack
Philippines and Visayas is the center people began to worry.

            Well, especially me, our house is near the sea and the possibility of experiencing the waves of tsunami is really possible. Also one scary thing is the strong wind or a funnel might swipe the entire house actually. We don’t own a concrete and big strong house to be able to resist the strong wind. And so what I did is I comforted my brothers  and sisters not to worry because God is there for us. I kept on reminding them just have faith in Him and just be strong for He will never leave us. So we prayed together silently while we were waiting for the big monster to arrive. I decided not to have my duty anymore because the rain was already heavy. I can’t even see the road and one thing it was already brown-out. I together with my sibling just help each other to keep our house and to put our things in safety places. Well. the drippings of the rain was already inside our house up to my room. We were all wet inside. It has no difference when we were outside the house. And to be honest I’m really scared to lightning and so I was already crying with fear. I really could feel that the water is already rising and it could even drown the whole house. They were both the water which came from the mountain and the ones from the sea. The waves are really strong. Our neighbor’s rooftop was even flown and thrown away by the wind. I still kept on praying and believing that God is really there for us.  I just kept our house open, I’m telling my sibling that its better that it is an open air so that the wind will just pass from openings to opening and by that our house will not be blown right away. But actually we were already shaken inside. Our nipa roof was already flipping. Our things were wet and us. WE just covered them with plastic bags. It was already 1:00 am when our cousin went rushing in our house to help us evacuate to theirs. And so with the strong wind, and lightning and flying roofs outside. We did run as fast as we could to reach their house. We were all wet, I was crying and I was carrying some of my clothes and the office files with me. The typhoon really reached up to signal no. 4 and it lasted for hours. When I woke up in the morning to check our house I was really happy and surprised that it was still there standing. Though it was all wet inside. A lot of post and trees and houses were destroyed and was dilapidated. We even experienced a long power shortage. Especially the ones that are really at the seaside. I am really thankful God has given us another chance the sea another dawn in our lives. And so here I am again having my duty and going back to work. Until now the broken trees and some destructed houses were still continuously repaired.

            Today another mission needs an accomplishment. I need to go out again and start my day right. Thank God I’m still alive. I’m still holding on….




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