Memoir for Today

Memoir for Today

Though tired I still manage to wake up early this morning. I was trying to think of what new routine or activity will I make. then while I was taking a bath I remembered going to one of the printing press here in

City to inquire and ask for a quotation of a pocket calendar. And so I prepared myself and I took a ride going to the city proper to Makinaugalingon Printing Press. Well, I just remembered this idea because I was thinking that it’s better to give people something that they could treasure and use everyday. Out of that they would always remember the company and the job vacancy. I was really running out of ideas and I really want to freak out because I’ve done so much but I still don’t know of the reason behind why I still don’t have applicants. I’m trying to befriend more people through text, in person but I don’t know.  Well, maybe this is not the right time or I just got the wrong timing. But as much as possible I don’t want thinking about it. All I was thinking is that everyday I’m trying to do my job, do my best and accomplish my mission. Well, the idea of being assigned to other place is also ok for me. I really don’t know on what to do so that I can prove myself. Things are really getting more and more tough. Back to the printing press. Well, I was able to inquire and have with me the quotation. I never thought it was so expensive. But then good thing I was able to distribute some of the paper slips to the staffs their. Also I was able to inform them about the company’s job vacancy.

            Then I went outside and went distributing the paper slips again. As I was distributing the paper slips, Ma’am Jo texted me if I already was able to open my gmail account but I told her I wasn’t because I was still on my field work. She informed me that Sir Danny and her is coming here in Roxas on Thursday.

            I did went to the net café to update my reports and of course to reply to her mail. When I was there Sir Danny texted me in a joke. Telling me to guess if who he is. I received his message past six I think it was the networks fault why messages are coming late. I also replied to him.

            Right now I already was able to send my updated reports to him and Ma’am Jo. I do really hope that our meeting will become a memorable one.





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