I left yesterday as one busy day. And now here I am trying to face another day. Trying to accomplish my what-to-do list. I was always thankful that God is always there for me He is always at my side and is always guiding me and doing His part. I was really thankful for the gift of understanding the He is giving and lending to me everyday. Good thing this one brave heart was given to me as a gift. I know that if not because of this maybe I had already given up. Yes for the presence of cowardice cannot be avoided. Fears and frustrations are always a part of every challenges along the way. Good thing that God is really good at me. He didn’t only blessed me with the gift of life but moist of all He had given me precious gifts like these people around me now who had become reasons why I’m trying to survive on this earth. I was really thankful that He was able to give them to me and to use them as the instrument of my inspiration and future success. I’m really looking up into Him.  I’m really thankful and grateful .             Tomorrow the company’s presidents and the manager will arrive here in

City. Yes, I was really excited to see them both most especially
Sir Danny. At last I will be given the chance to meet and see my cyber dad in person. I do really hope that our meeting will be one big success and that they would enjoy their stay here in Roxas.  I’m tired but happy that at last I was able to accomplish my, mission for the day. I had once again posted the company ads. I need o replace the torn and old ones with new.
I’m really excited about tomorrow, I really can’t wait to see the President. He’s one person I’ve been longing to see and be with for eventhough  he wasn’t my dad but at least he was able to portray his role in the past few months of existence into my life. Yes, I’m really longing to feel the warmth love of a father. The one who would really care for me. Thanks God I was able to meet and know this guy. He was really one great blessing. He came into my life as one big surprise.             Tomorrow will be the day, the moment that I have been waiting for. The moment when I can see my dad. I hope I could really hug him.             Regarding my job. the fight is still continuously going on. I’m not giving up. I really have this very important goal in my life. It’s for the people that I’m loving the most. My home, my family and a lot more. I know I will have this direction in my life because I’m having this goal. I need to accomplish something. I need to really do this, fight for it, go for it, take all of the challenges, and all the risk. I know that I really can do it, I really can because I believe I can and taking every necessary actions just to accomplish it and just to reach it with my own bare hands. I now I can, I’m brave, I’m strong and I can do it. I really can. I really can. God is there that is why I really can.


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