Yesterday I did the laundry. After doing it I feel muscle pains, I then noticed that my hand has wounds in it. The soap and the water had caused my wounds to sore.  Until now my hands is still aching especially when I use to hold or dip it in water.

            Our daily lives are really full of we can say memorable experiences. Today is another day. New day to end when nightfall came. Yes, nothing really stays. Every seconds is important. For time passes by and we need to make each day a fruitful and memorable one. That is why I’m really trying hard to write down my thoughts and experiences here for I know that every moment is worth treasuring.

            My task and daily routines is still continuously being functioned and done. Also I’m still continuously thinking of what new ideas will I make to improve it everyday. Brain storming is a one tiring task but without it nothing would really happen. Trying new things and ideas are always the best. Our minds should never stay and stick in just one idea. If this will happen we will be stagnant and will not experience improvement. As much as I desire I really wanted to make improvements everyday. only that a lot of hindrances and stumbling blocks are there to stop it. But the idea of using one’s creativity and initiative is really great and will really contribute to that desired goal. I know that there is no such easy way to reach success. We need to make one step at a time. Never jump over. We should know and understand our limits.

            Tomorrow is Sir Danny’s departure and trip going back to his home. I’m really praying for his safety trip. I do hope that we could see each other again. I also wish for his successful career. I know he really can make it. I believe in his ability and talent on those things. He was one good person inside out and he’s worthy to receive the good prize his aiming. He was a good role model for me. I was thankful I’ve known someone like him.

            I’m still doing my part here and I promise to be loyal to the company and whatever happens I will really do my best to be a good part of it. For better or for worst for sure I’ll be there…For they had once became a good part of my life and had contributed to bring back the lost hope which was long gone in me….

            Thanks for everything… Advance Merry Christmas.



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