New entry

New entry

            When I am writing an article and new entry on this weblog I used to remember my school years. When I had to do a lot of brainstorming to create an article that would really make sense.  A write-up that would really encourage the readers to read. Well, is not an easy task since you must learn on what’s the reader’s mind and heart. You must take a sample of their pulse beat. But I’m enjoying it a lot. During those times my favourite was literary write-ups. The readers or the students would always request me to write short stories for them. And I always feel flattered every time they’re trying to tell me they were really touched by my stories. When I write stories I would always do the one which has a tragic and sad theme. Because I really can relate to this. There was this one time that they requested me to write a love story. I really had, hard time thinking on how will I write that theme or that article since I haven’t been into falling in love with someone. “Experience is the best teacher” says an adage. It even took me hours staring at the blank page of the computer while trying to imagine what entry I will write. I don’t want my readers to be frustrated with their request and so I kept on thinking and thinking about it. Until one day in a surprise I just find myself writing a love story and noticed that I’m enjoying it though I can’t relate to the experiences being portrayed by my characters. It ended up a success and praises from my readers really made me feel so satisfied. At last I was able to overcome the hardest challenge they had ever given me. It’s really hard since you have to be careful of writing your own original masterpiece. Plagiarism is one thing I’m really afraid of doing. I credit all to God for lending me His creative imagination. Yes, even I was surprised that I had written a love story. Nothing is really impossible if you have faith and if you are determined.  I was even flattered when a student once told me that his daddy would always collect my literary pieces and read it during bedtime. Its really wonderful to appreciate the talents God had given someone. That is why when I stopped schooling hey kept on blaming me and telling me that they’re missing my part and articles in our magazine.             It’s just like my job now. Yes, it’s really hard to encourage someone to take part into the activity that I’m into. It’s really hard to feed someone who is not even interested and who is not even listening.  It’s really hard to look for someone who has the understanding of what this business is all about. According to a Chinese proverbs, “You must teach a man on how to fish and not just feed him with fish, for he’ll surely never succeed.” Teaching someone to do things and chose the right path of his life and career is one hard job. It’s like you’re trying to mother that person. It’s like parenting. And I’ve been doing this to people here in

City but it seems that hey don’t want to be fed or are they just afraid? I can really say that most of them are cowards. What’s the use of enrolling to school  and spend almost ten years of learning what was being thought there is you’ll just stay inside your house and keep it for the rest of your life. I don’t know why there are kinds of people who are like this. Are they just using their diploma for display or what? Whew! what a waste of time, money and effort. well, anyway I can’t blame them if that’s the kind of life they would want to have. Well, all I know is that I’m still sticking on my motto “The greatest regrets in our lives are the risk that we did not take.”



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