All Things work together for good…

All Things work together for good…

“All things work together for good”. Romans 10:28


            I am really inspired by this message. For me the thought that the message is trying to convey is that, no matter what happens if you have the faith inside you, if you have your faith to God nothing will be impossible. With His power everything will end up perfectly. To make it clear I wanted to make this as an example: If you’re eating not all foods are good to eat or can satisfy your taste, like for instance first you will eat sugar, does sugar taste good? Well for me its good because its sweet but for others it isn’t, then after that fresh eggs let’s make it 3 pieces of eggs, people doesn’t normally eat uncooked eggs. After eating eggs you chew flour, let’s say 4 cups of flour, does flour taste good. Do you think you can eat 3 cups of flour, then you eat butter, yes, and butter taste good, then salt, some people loves eating salt but others don’t. Now what I wanted to point out is that not all of those ingredients taste good but if you’re going to put an effort into it let’s say try to bake it and make a cake. Then it will turn out to be sweet and delicious cake!

            It can be compared to our daily life and our struggles. You need to have the aim and goal to be reached. You need to take actions in order to make things work out. Those bad things are all part of molding that goal. Whenever you’re falling don’t forget that there will be another chance to rise up again…Trials are all part of reaching that aimed success. Just have faith in Him, dynamic faith the one which works and you’ll surely never miss your target. It requires patience and determination. Just overcome all of life’s ingredients those that are good and bad. Be joyful when you have problems because it has it’ s corresponding reward in the end if you’re trying to make an effort to solve it.

            That’s life. Just be your self and always don’t forget God as the center of your every endeavor for He will never ever let you down. He was one big armor. For a one brave soldier like you.

            I know it’s really impossible to rejoice if you have problems. But me I’m managing to do that because I know that in the end of those God has already prepared a reward if I can solve it. It’s like running in an obstacle. You need to aim to finish it and you’ll surely get the reward. Just have faith, faith and faith alone.

            It’s hard to wear mask in our faces but let us face all of our problems with great joy and enthusiasm. God is good!




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