Epistle 10

Epistle 10

thanks for the update here glenda!  i really love reading your journal
entries here as usual.

if you want to – you can go ahead to calculate your pay through the
end of saturday, and report this to me when we chat on monday.

re: the search for applicants – i would also recommend to use online
methods for applicant hunting.  for one, there are several places
online where i think we can go ahead and post free job listings.  a
few jobs sites i know about are:

http://classifieds.friendster.com/ph/ ( <– i saw the resume of a very
yabadabadooo person here! )

for these sites, chat with jo about them quickly.  we were planning to
purchase access to the resume database for the bestjobs.ph site – but
i think we should first figure out which account login jo was using
for this.

also i would suggest testing out a bit if you could do a search in
friendster, for people from roxas city.  just as a test see if you can
send 3 or 5 emails a day for a week, to see if you can build some
interest in our company and jobs that way.  i think even if a person
has already moved to manila now … if they know that there are some
jobs available near to their home province, they’ll keep that in the
back of their mind … and maybe recommend us to some of their
brothers or sisters who might still be nearby.

also, how close is aklan?  i know there’s atleast one university in
aklan.  maybe it’s in kalibo?  do you think it would be useful to make
contact with the administration from that school too – or is that too
far away?  it looks close on a map – but maybe it just would take a
long time for travel on a jeep.

see you soon!

cyber – ds


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