Epistle 12

Epistle 12

Hi Glenda –

I just want to make it clear that I really like working with, and that
I’m going to stick with you no matter what.

I know you really want to be successful in our project, and I kind of
understand that the job that jo and I are asking you to do is
something that’s really new for you.

A few things to consider about are:
1. Jo suggested the quota of 10 screened applicants per week.  Even
more important would be to measure how many people you find that we
eventually are able to hire.

2. Once you are getting more successful in screening applicants, and
we hire more workers on a regular basis, then we can also increase
your pay more too.  In the end, when your efforts are having a good
impact for our business – we’ll be better able to afford this.

Also, we can talk more about these things in person – cause I’ll be
there in roxas with you really soon.


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