Epistle 13

Epistle 13

Thanks Glenda – we’ll be partners together on this project.  You know,
in some ways, what we’re doing here is a really groundbreaking
project. I’m hoping that after we find success here in Roxas, we could
know better how to find the same success in other cities around
philippines … Perhaps leyete or tacloban for instance.

Always keep this in mind, since ideally you could be able to train
other people to do the same kind of job in another location.

I have 3 ideas to share with you for right now:
1. What about giving handouts in busy parts of the city?  Perhaps you
can makeup some paper strips that give some information about our job
openings.  Then just hand them out to people that are walking by.

I see that this idea has a few advantages – one is that we give the
person soemthing that they can take home.  If someone sees one of our
signs, there’s a good chance that a person could forget our # or email
addr before they think about applying (or they could also easily pass
the paper to a friend who would be interested to make an application).

Second is that its a less pressure way of introducing our jobs –
compared with just yelling on the street.  If a person takes the paper
and reads it – they can just come back and chat with you about it
later on.

2.  I’d like to recommend a book to you, called ‘how to win friends
and influence people’. … It has a strange title, but it’s really one
of the most useful books you could ever read.  I’ll send you a link to
download an online copy of this.  If you can find a paper copy of this
at a local bookstore, I’d be happy to pay for it, so you could read it
at home on your bed, instead of in front of a computer all the time
(and plus its cheaper in the long run I think).

3. There’s a club called ‘toastmasters’, which helps people to
practice their presentation skills.  When you have a weekly practice
on this, it will really make you feel better about approaching people.
I’ll send you a link with some more info about this a bit later.



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