Epistle 2

Epistle 2

Wow Glenda – you have a really amazing story.

How many semesters of course work did you finish so far?  Do you have
any plans to continue along with that?  .. .or right now, you just
have to keep working so that you can support your brothers and

Does your mom work?  How old are your brothers and sisters now?

Tell me – do you mind to work in Iloilo City – or do you really prefer
to work in Roxas City for now?

Right now, you’re using a computer at an Internet cafe?  … or one
where you’re working at?  How much is the hourly fee for using a
computer there now?

I added you to chat – my yahoo account is ‘catchme_sleeping@yahoo.com
… it might be easier if we could chat online for a bit.  When do you
normally use a computer?

Hope you don’t mind so many questions!



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