Epistle 3

Epistle 3

Hi Glenda –

For me the most important things in wanting to work with a person are:

1> They are very determined and hard working
2> They are naturally smart
3> They are honest

If a person has those qualities, I think really great things are
possible in life.

College is useful – but in fact, most of what they teach you wouldn’t
be practical in your life or your career.  Sometimes it’s better to
not lose those years studying – and just spend time learning what’s
needed to survive.

I have an idea of how we can start working together.  For now, you can
stay in Roxas City – I have a special project in mind for us.

How much notice do you have to give at your current office, before you
could start working for me?  Could you start working right away?

Also, I would like to send you an advance payment for your time, and
for some of the expenses we’ll have.  I’ll send this with Western
Union transfer.

Please just confirm when you would be able to start working.  Once
you’re ready – we should meet for an online chat (yahoo messenger), to
discuss about the specific project I would like you to work on – and
also about the conditions of working together.

Hope this sounds ok?



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